Welcome to Belvoir Ridge Creamery


Our Red Poll Cattle

We’re a small family creamery at the top of the Belvoir Ridge, north of Melton Mowbray in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire. These are some of the 50 Red Poll cows that we have brought into the area to produce the milk that is going into our cheese.  Explore our web pages to find out more about our rare cattle and our unique cheeses.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Belvoir Ridge Creamery

    • Hello Chris,
      Colwick cheese is available in Nottingham at
      Nottingham Cheese Shop

      Fred Hallams


      Robin Tuxford

      Burton Joice

      West Bridgeford
      No 8

  1. Hi Alan and Jane, saw the programme last night really pleased for you both that the cheese is going well, love Gill , John, Kelly and Thomasx

    • We were planning to mail our Colwick cheese but the response has been so amazing nearly 50,000 hits now on our website, that we wouldn’t have time to make the cheese as well!!

  2. Hi Jane & Alan-just been watching a repeat of the Jamie programme that prompted the ‘take-off’ of your Colwick Cheese–would love to taste it, and we come to the Melton Mowbray area form Peterborough often–do you have a farm shop, please where we can buy your cheese and Red Poll beef ? Regrads, Mags & Gerry Smith

  3. I bought a large bottle of your raw milk at the Saturday cheese fair and it was the best milk I have had in years

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