Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

Thank you to everyone who looked at our site (all 60,000 of you) today.  We’ve spent the day busy with local demand. We will be making cheese in the morning for next week.

We are putting the finishing touches to our further plans to distribute Colwick around the country and will be in touch soon.

Anyone who missed the show last night, watch again on Channel4 at

Alan & Jane with Jimmy & Jamie during filming at Southend Pier

Alan & Jane with Jimmy & Jamie during filming at Southend Pier

Following the programme Jamie placed an order for his Italian Restaurants taking Colwick Cheese all around the country for 18 months & keeping us quite busy!

A big THANK YOU to Jamie, Jimmy and all the production teams who put so much work into making a fantastic programme, we had an unforgettable time.



6 thoughts on “Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

  1. Where can I but Colwick cheese and at what price-anywhere in Cumbria? I’ve looked at dome sites you’ve put up but not a note of the cheese.

  2. We moved to colwick in 1966 from a slum clearance program, when i woke up on my first morning there were open fields at the end of my garden! what an adventure for a 5 year old, the fields belonged to Manor farm. My dad took me to the farm to get some milk and i remember bringing cheese home. In the summer holidays we spent hours playing in the fields and the local school had a colwick cheese hunt, sadly all the land is now an industrial estate but the farm house is still there although in ruin. I no longer live in colwick but my heart is still there as i had a wonderfull childhood, what a time and place to be sure.It made me feel very proud to see the TV artical, and good on you for not letting colwick cheese pass on by, sadly i lost my father a few years ago but i phoned my mum who is now 85 to watch you, and hopefully in the better months i will bring her to buy some good old history from your farm shop. Bloody well done some thing made with passion!

  3. I’m watching Jamie and Jimmy right now… and have come for a look at your website. Did this show really air in 2014? Our family lives in Bottesford, do you still have your milk for sale at the farm and or a farm shop? Would love to try some of your cheese!!

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