Milk Vending Machine at Belvoir Ridge!

We are now selling our own Pasteurised not homogenised milk: £1 litre from our vending machine outside the dairy.

Bring your own clean container or buy a reusable printed glass bottle  for £2 or a plastic one for 25p.

*  We are now selling Raw milk from the fridge by the vending machine   *

7 thoughts on “Milk Vending Machine at Belvoir Ridge!

  1. Hi,

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday in Oakham. We tried the cream with hot mince pie and it was so good…

    If I can arrange to collect milk on the day of the Farmer’s Market that would be great.

    Kind regards


  2. Got mt first litre today plus cheese. Cheese is lovely and like a soft Cheshire and the milk is not like any other over I’ve ever had; tastes kind of weird at first but only because we’ve never had fresh milk before. Love it and will be back for more!

  3. Went there today, after seeing Jamie and jimmy’s programme and thought my partner and myself would try some Colwick cheese and are very excited!!

  4. I visited Melton Cheese fair yesterday mainly in hope that you’d be there with your Colwick cheese! I also ended up trying and buying your raw milk and I’m really pleased with it! It tastes wonderful in Tea which is the ultimate test, and after reading up on its health benefits I felt like a great mum watching my son drinking it this morning! We hope to visit your farm soon!

  5. Also visited Melton Cheese Fair and bought some lovely real Milk, just like I remember drinking as a Child 🙂

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