Our Red Polls


Red Poll

Red polls are dual purpose traditional English cattle, historically giving both an average yield of milk and producing tasty meat.

We currently have the largest milking herd left in the country which are  grass and forage fed on our farm on the Belvoir Ridge. The herd is called Ironstone as the farm is situated upon red ironstone land.

We know our cows by name:  . As we spend 2hrs each morning  milking them each day of the year we appreciate their docile nature, they are a pleasure to work with.

In summer 2013 we were pleased to welcome the East Midlands Red Poll Society Members for lunch & a look at our stock.

In 2013 The Ironstone herd of Red Polls won best large herd in the East Midlands. Also, we were delighted to discover, best Pure Bred Dairy Cow; Best Home-bred Heifer; and reserves for Best Cross-bred Dairy Cow & Best Home-bred Cow

One thought on “Our Red Polls

  1. hi alan and jane just watched you on telly dont know if you remeber me andrew parr i was the stockman at millingtons where you bought the cows from the cheese and the cows look great well done

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