Where to buy


Belvoir Ridge Colwick Cheese is available from the Fridge outside the Dairy next to the milk vending machine at Crossroads Farm, Eastwell  LE14 4EF  8am – 9pm 365 days a year.

Nottingham Cheese Shop can mail you Colwick contact them 0115 9419114 & http://www.cheeseshop-nottingham.co.uk


Belvoir Ridge Colwick Cheese is not sold locally at the moment:-



Our Colwick Cheese is also not on the menu at the moment  at some fantastic local restaurants:-


36 thoughts on “Where to buy

  1. We have just watched Jamie @ Jimmy’s. We are cheese lovers and your cheese had our mouths watering. I am a Nottingham (Beeston) lass, now living near Blackpool. Are there any stockists up in our neck of the woods or are we able to order direct from your Creamery? We will be coming to Nottingham at Easter and will otherwise make a point of buying some to bring home. Many thanks

  2. Saw your segment on the Jamie and Jimmie program last week. What lovely cheese you are making. We live near Henley on Thames and would love to buy some. Any potential for selling down here?
    Thanks again for sharing your story.

  3. Hi, just a potential customer (a mum) who watched Jamie & Jimmie and was so impressed by your love for your cattle that I shall be travelling over from Lincoln to a shop that stocks your cheese. Looking forward to the experience. Thank you.

  4. I am just watching re run of Jamie and Jimmie’s piece on your cheese. Do you sell them online or intend to? Am in South West UK

  5. Hi
    I’ve been on the search for local cheese makers/ sellers and producers who would be interested in being apart of a wine and cheese festival on august 22nd.

    The festival has been set up an organised as a family fun day fund raiser, I myself started the charity justices journey just after having my son. justice was born premature and ended up in the derby royal neo natal unit suffering respiratory distress syndrome. He was weak and very poorly, thankfully the amazing team in the NICU unit kept him alive and I now have a beautiful 15 month old son. As a way of saying THANKYOU I began to fundraise hosting various events doing sponsored endurance activities etc and things have grown from there.
    My latest challenge being the festival.
    I have an estimated guest list of 2.5k
    I have a main stage with fantastic local bands and talents, fairground, shows, various food stalls, local crafters and small businesses pulling together to make this a truely fantastic day.
    As it says in the title it’s a wine and cheese themed festival so that’s where you guys come in 😃
    I would love to have you on board, in return you will have the chance to showcase your produce, discuss what you sell with the general public promote your business and make as many sales as you wish!
    Please have a look at our flyer and also if you would like more information there is an events page on Facebook.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon! 😃
    Kind regards
    Laura Mackay
    On behalf of TeamJustice 💫

  6. Alan saw your cheese and you on Jamie tonight – surely it’s possible to set up a mail order service ?

    Best wishes

    Stephen cheese lover Knight

  7. Hi, just saw you on Jamie’s show, really interested in tasting your amazing looking cheese.

    Any ideas how we can purchase some in the London area

    Thanks and all the best

  8. Just watched Jamie and Jimmy and your cheese looks wonderful. We are in Essex and hope to find it at a farmers market. Will certainly mention it at our local, upmarket farm shop.

  9. We are in NORTHAMPTON and would like to try your cheese, having just watched Jamie and Jimmy”s programme. Is there anyway you can post, or I can order online…ring and pay? I also have a few friends I would like to send some to …Doncaster…Andover …and Milton Keynes

  10. I live in Cardiff & would love to buy your lovely cheese! Do you have any plans to supply to Wales? My sister, who also lives in Cardiff will be traveling to Derby next weekend – I will ask her to try to buy some for me then😊

  11. Hi
    I am a cheese lover and saw your cheeee on the Jamie and Jimmy programme, i do not have a deli in my area as I live in Colchester, can I buy online?
    I await your thoughts

  12. Bonjour from France. Just seen your cheese on Jamies Friday show. When he said its just like mozzarella I thought i just have to taste it and have some. what are your prices . My brother lives near Hinckly |Leics, and he works in Leics.where is the nearest outlet for him. Oh yes and my cousin lives in Nether Broughton. Maybe they know your cheese. Well done for producing such a good product, cant wait to taste it.

  13. im in dorking and wanna taste. i do buy cheese online thruogh the cheese shed. they are a little bit dear (hope theyre listening) but you need to sell through something like that (i appriaciate youve gone down those lines already allthe best

  14. I love the look of your cheese. Would love to try it, although I live too far away from you, I will ask for your cheese locally. Good luck, don’t give up rock on Jamie!

  15. My husband & I would really like to order a 200gm round. Do you mail to Scotland?? We are all artisan, hubby grows specialist & rare vegetables in our walled garden for a chef. Kind regards Teri

  16. As a born in Nottingham girl in the 40’s and now living in the South (Winchester) I remember having Colwick cheese on the table at tea time. When will it be possible to order it on line please?

    Hello Sue,
    We send out Colwick Cheese around the country via Nottingham Cheese Shop, they can be contacted http://www.cheese-shopnottingham.co.uk or 0115 941 9114, many thanks,Jane

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