Pasture For Life Ass.

For many years now Alan & I have belonged to PFLA and have learnt so much from the wisdom they share.

We have always been  keen to care for our land & hand it to the next generation in a better state than we received it in.

When Alans Garanfather came here in the 1930’s each tenant had left bankrupt after a year, he tested the soil & started to look after it (we are still here! thank you Harry)

Crossroads Farm was an ironstone quarry until 1960. Dairy Cows have been kept since the 1930’s. We stopped using artificial fertilizers approximately ten years ago. Now spread rotted manure, with no insectides or antibiotics used either on the land or cattle.

In 2016 we started keeping the cows with their mothers until weaned at between 6-8 months.

2017 saw us certified with Pasture For Life we haven’t feed any cereals for a couple of years now..the animals are better for it.

We started mob grazing half the farm last year (having previously strip grazed & paddock grazed) the results in terms of growth of grass growth, herbs & wild flowers returning was thrilling.  But the most wonderful thing was the return of so much insect life, therefore the swallows & other wildlife thrived.   And of course the cows loved being moved on to fresh lush  pasture twice a day. From all the different Rare British Breeds we keep we find the Red Polls suit the system best & find their dual purpose nature a bonus, excellent milk & meat.





Countryfile comes to the East Midlands tonight at 5.45pm.
They are visiting Belvoir to see them make Elderflower Cordial.
Wissendine Windmill & us!!
See the cows & their calves come up for milking & us in the dairy.
To purchase Colwick Cheese if outside the area please contact Nottingham Cheese Shop.

Nantwich Show

Belvoir Ridge entered a bottle of Ironstone Red Poll cows milk from our vending machine and were thrilled that it won Gold,also CHAMPION MILK IN SHOW!! Thanks to our gorgeous girls for their delicious milk & Alan for milking them

Milk Vending Machine at Belvoir Ridge!

We are now selling our own Pasteurised not homogenised milk: £1 litre from our vending machine outside the dairy.

Bring your own clean container or buy a reusable printed glass bottle  for £2 or a plastic one for 25p.

*  We are now selling Raw milk from the fridge by the vending machine   *

Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

Thank you to everyone who looked at our site (all 60,000 of you) today.  We’ve spent the day busy with local demand. We will be making cheese in the morning for next week.

We are putting the finishing touches to our further plans to distribute Colwick around the country and will be in touch soon.

Anyone who missed the show last night, watch again on Channel4 at

Alan & Jane with Jimmy & Jamie during filming at Southend Pier

Alan & Jane with Jimmy & Jamie during filming at Southend Pier

Following the programme Jamie placed an order for his Italian Restaurants taking Colwick Cheese all around the country for 18 months & keeping us quite busy!

A big THANK YOU to Jamie, Jimmy and all the production teams who put so much work into making a fantastic programme, we had an unforgettable time.


Welcome to Belvoir Ridge Creamery


Our Red Poll Cattle

We’re a small family creamery at the top of the Belvoir Ridge, north of Melton Mowbray in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire. These are some of the 50 Red Poll cows that we have brought into the area to produce the milk that is going into our cheese.  Explore our web pages to find out more about our rare cattle and our unique cheeses.